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The Empowering Factors of Handmade Jewelry

The Bow Jewelry collections are handmade in the studio in Montreal. The care and attention that’s put into each piece strive to empower you the wearer every day. Why is handmade jewelry so empowering? Because it connects you directly with the artisan.


Connecting the Maker and Wearer

Unlike mass-produced jewelry, each piece of The Bow is carved, sculpted, and crafted by hand. I use wax to create the initial base of the pieces and create the pieces using similar techniques to a sculptor. Hours of attention are put into each design, from the research stage to the final gold plating. As the wearer, when you put on this piece of jewelry, you will immediately have a connection to the passion and love I have for my craft and its message of connecting women through this empowering form of adornment and self-expression that dates back to antiquity and is used by every culture in the World. This unique relationship between the artisan and the wearer is so rare today, but I hope it will empower you to follow your passions in life as well. It is so easy for us to put our passions aside to work instead for a sense of security, but as a woman, you should feel empowered to do what makes you feel happy daily.

When you adorn your unique piece of jewelry, you will feel how it is made for you. You will feel a sense of empowerment through the jewelry and the stories of the heroines they are inspired by and this reminds you of your heroine within. I believe that women have been in the shadows of history for too long that the balance of the feminine and masculine energy in the world is the only way to achieve a flourishing future. To empower you to make bold choices I am hoping to share these unique hand-crafted pieces as your reminder. Passing this passion onto you, I hope to empower you to follow the path that makes you proud of your journey and legacy.


A Reminder of Your Goals and Vision

The Bow Jewelry is a form of self-expression with a raw, antique aesthetic centering on powerful women from history. The collections focus on women who broke through gender and political boundaries in a male-dominated world. Following their storyline, I strive to unify the diversity of women into one emotion of empowerment through contemporary statement jewellery, as a reminder of our past collective accomplishments to push us to achieve our goals in the present. Many of these women, such as Mata Hari, had many challenges to overcome. However, no matter what got in the way of her dreams and passions, she followed her internal compass without concern for others' notions of her. I encourage you to adorn in pieces that empower and remind you to always follow your internal compass and create your path no matter what outside influences may expect from you.

You’ll find that when you wear something that empowers you, you are reminded of your goals and the vision you are working towards. You’ll be connected to your purpose, love, and passion because you will remember the many women who followed their path and realize that you are in the company of powerful and brave women now and from generations past. A piece of jewelry is so much more than just a pretty addition to your outfit, it is your form of self-expression and empowerment to manifest and step boldly into the life you desire and create a legacy that shares your purpose and gifts with the world.


Conjure Up Beautiful Past Memories

For many of us, jewelry has an emotional attachment to memories of our past. You might find you are drawn toward a certain piece of jewelry based on events or memories in your life. Jewelry can transport you to a time in your past, which is why it is meant to be passed on from generation to generation. Jewelry is flooded with memories and is one of the most important treasures we keep and pass on as an heirloom to remind the generations after of our legacy. Jewelry is a beautiful way to empower the women in our lives and ensure they feel supported in their journey.


Reward Yourself for Your Achievements

One of the most popular reasons to purchase a piece of jewelry from The Bow is to celebrate a special milestone in your life. A pair of earrings or a necklace can be an empowering reminder of overcoming a challenge or attaining one of your goals. Don't forget to celebrate your victories, as we so often do, and find yourself an empowering piece that reminds you of your great achievement. Every time you look at your unique piece you will be reminded of your accomplishment and the things you will achieve by boldly following your internal compass.

As women, we don’t take the time to reflect on our achievements. But we need to honor our strengths to remind ourselves that we can achieve anything we put our minds to. These empowering reminders will guide us to move forward boldly every day. Women have been left in the shadows of history for too long and even today we watch as decisions are made that affect all of us and we do not even have a seat at the table. We need to remind ourselves of the power we hold so that we can re-establish the balance of the masculine and feminine energy in the world.

Each piece of The Bow is crafted with the mission to empower and remind you of your greatness and to awaken your heroine within. Find the piece that calls to you and that you can carry as a reminder to live boldly, enjoy your journey and create a legacy you are proud of.

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