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Hypatia of Alexandria

The Hypatia of Alexandria collection is now online.

Inspired by the story of this great philosopher and astronomer details of her traumatic and powerful story are infused into each piece. Hypatia was murdered by a mob of volunteer militia during a turbulent time in Alexandria. Hypatia was the city’s beloved teacher of mathematics and philosophy, whose social ranking was on par with Alexandria’s most important men. Understanding nothing of her philosophy a group fixated on limiting women’s power in the city called her a witch and pulled the teacher from her chariot as she rode through the city and dragged her to a temple. She was stripped naked, her skin flayed with jagged pieces of oyster shells, her limbs pulled from her body and paraded through the streets. Her remains were burned in a mockery of pagan sacrifice.

The most powerful part of her story is that it is written that she knew the mob was coming but did not escape. And after reading in detail about her beliefs and teachings this does not seem shocking. At bow jewerly you get traditional Hypatia of Alexandria jewelry,Hypatia stone jewelry, Hypatia jewelry and more to empower women.

Each piece carries parts of this great woman’s story and are reminders of our history and our own source of power in the world and within.The greatest achievement of Hypatia was not introducing new ideas but shining light on philosophical inquiry in an increasingly darkening age. She led students through meditations on the nature of reality, the abstract concept that an entity—the One—exists indivisibly behind all realities and that the universe emanates from this source.

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