Each collection of The Bow focuses on a woman who broke through gender and political boundaries in a male-dominated world. Following their storyline, we strive to unify the diversity of women and breath new life into the forgotten tales of these historical heroines through statement jewelry that empowers the women of today with the boldness of the piece and through the stories.

The collections are informed by extensive historical research and are crafted using the ancient process of lost wax casting, which showcase the textures created by hand, giving them a raw and organic quality.

Almost all the pieces are initially created from wax. We use both time-honored techniques of carving imagery directly into solid forms and experimental techniques like using liquified wax to create a more free form or larger sculptural pieces that fit the body closely like armor. We chose wax as our medium as it is also used to make sculptures and we wanted the jewelry to showcases that they hand-sculpted and feel like a piece of art. The Bow is a certified member of the Quebec Art Council because of our use of art techniques to create the pieces. Differentiating The Bow Jewelry as art was an important part of the brands’ mission to present our customers with truly unique pieces that they can pass on from generation to generation.

The larger forms are cast in brass and smaller pieces such as rings are cast into silver and then plated with oxidized 18-karat gold, giving the pieces a look of antiquity. Depending on the story we add upcycled elements, or gemstones to aesthetically support the storyline.

For example, the up-cycled crystals used in the Mata Hari collection were used from vintage chandeliers to showcase her golden era as the toast of Europe and the coin used in the collection were brought in from Germany and molded from the original WWI coin to represent her execution as a German spy.  The gemstones used in the Hypatia collection are to integrate Hypatia’s love of the night sky and her works in astronomy. Using up-cycled pieces is also another way of connecting history with the modern forms of the jewelry while giving another chance to beautiful abandoned pieces from the past.

We hope this gives you some insight into our creative process and that you enjoy our empowering pieces inspired by heroines from history as much as we enjoy making them for you!

Don’t hesitate to email us at hello@thebowjewelry.com for further details about the pieces or process, we are always happy to hear from you✨