The moment I discovered The Bow Jewelry at a lovely bazaar themed boutique in Montreal a few years ago, I was mesmerized by the unique and commanding beauty of each piece. A welcome change from all the dainty styles trending in the jewelry world!! When I wear the bold statement pieces I feel powerful, confident, and connected to my inner warrior goddess, it really adds some regal energy to all my outfits. Filiz has such an original style and vision and I love hearing about the heroines from history that have inspired each collection. I haven’t been able to find any other jewelry that has this family heirloom aesthetic with a modern twist. I normally only wear jewelry my yia yia gave me (greek grandmother) from her time in Egypt and this is the next best thing!! I’m obsessed with the snake pieces, powerful symbols of transformation, and vintage crystals and precious stones, for an added touch of femininity. Love love love and can’t wait to invest in my next The Bow treasure. Thank you for creating magic Filiz!!