Inside all of us there is a power – a warrior – that has guided us when we set to accomplish what others said was impossible. The Bow’s mission is to recognize the voice of our warrior, in beautiful, bold, jewelry with a raw edge, that reminds every woman of the power she holds in the world.

About Us

The Bow Jewelry is a journey into the empowering chronicles of great women from history and created for the women of today…Using her passion for story telling and history Filiz Yildiz created a brand based on these women, their battles and successes, designing pieces filled with culture, hope, adventure and empowerment.

Having spent many years traveling between India, Turkey and Italy she was constantly surrounded by art, culture and tradition. The feeling of having a foot in the past was unmistakable in these countries that were immersed in history. Filiz took this opportunity to study the materials and techniques used by the great artisans in these regions. It is this exploration that sets the stage for her unique design aesthetic.


Details from the stories are used to create bold silhouettes. The designs are spontaneous, brave and powerful, and have a direct impact on the audience.

Every piece is handmade using high quality materials knowing that like the stories they are based on, they will be passed on from generation to generation.