“Inside each of us, there is a power – a warrior – that has guided us when we set to accomplish what others said was impossible. My mission is to share the voice of our warrior in beautiful, bold jewelry with a raw edge that reminds every woman of the power she holds in the world.”  Filiz

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Jewelry is my passion and, from a young age I would save my babysitting money and buy antique pieces from auctions, bazaars anywhere I could. When I traveled, the first place I would seek was the jewelry section of vintage shops. I loved that the antique pieces had a story, and also the beauty and rawness of the small imperfections of being handmade, just like the heirlooms left by our ancestors.

But as time went on I noticed most new jewelry brands did not have the emotional connection I was seeking, and the only way to have that connection was from antique pieces. Jewelry began to look the same, and minimal became the trend. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Having spent many years traveling for work between India, China, Turkey, and Italy I was surrounded by art, culture, and tradition. The feeling of having a foot in the past was unmistakable in these countries that are immersed in history and I took this opportunity to study the traditional materials and techniques used by artisans in these regions. It is this exploration that sets the stage for The Bow’s unique design aesthetic. I had the urge to create what I wanted in my own jewelry, the rawness of the traditional techniques, and the feeling of adornment that jewelry was originally meant to have. Living in Istanbul at the time and being minutes away from the Grand Bazaar, at 2 months pregnant I began taking jewelry classes to combine all the techniques I had absorbed during my travels. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

The idea of connecting jewelry with stories of women from history is rooted in the stories of women today, including my own. It was also during my travels that I met so many amazing women. Their stories…OUR stories… of womanhood, our obstacles, and successes would connect us on a deep level, dissolving all superficial barriers like geography, and I wanted to infuse these stories into the designs to create that emotional connection that I believe is so important in the jewelry we carry as they are a form self-expression.

Using my passion for art, storytelling, and heroines from history, I created The Bow inspired by women from history, their battles, and successes, designing handmade statement pieces filled with culture, hope, bravery, and adventure to empower the women of today. Every piece of The Bow is handmade using high-quality materials knowing that like the stories they carry they will be passed on from generation to generation, and, are a bold reminder of our collective power to create our own legacies.

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