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Sheild Earrings - Made to Order


An empowering statement earring for your inner warrior. The Shield Earrings are hand-sculpted with 18kt gold plating, inspired by the fearless Amazon warriors.

  • Materials: 18K gold plating over brass
  • Dimensions: 6cm in diameter
  • Weight: 19 grams each
  • Craftsmanship: Handmade through the lost-wax casting process
  • Production Time: Made-to-order, takes 2-3 weeks to create

Embrace the strength and bravery of the Amazon warriors with the Shield Earrings.

Unlock your inner warrior and embrace the spirit of the Amazons with the bold Golden Armour Collection. Inspired by the legendary group of fearless women who shattered societal norms, this collection symbolizes strength, agility, and independence. Just like the Amazons surpassed men in archery, riding skills, and combat arts, these exquisite pieces will empower you to conquer any challenge that comes your way.

Immerse yourself in the courage and determination of the Amazons as you adorn yourself with their legacy. Their closed society, focused solely on raising daughters and briefly interacting with fathers for reproduction, exemplifies a fierce dedication to their cause. The Golden Armour Collection embodies their unwavering spirit, allowing you to express your own boldness and fearlessness.

As you wear these extraordinary pieces, you embody the essence of the Amazons' remarkable military expeditions and the foundation of ancient cities. Let the echoes of Ephesus and Smyrna resonate within you, fueling your determination to leave an indelible mark on the world. Unleash your inner Amazon and conquer every adventure that awaits, all while exuding grace and strength through the Golden Armour Collection.

Sheild Earrings - Made to Order


How do I care for my jewelry?

The Bow Jewelry pieces are handmade with intricate detail and natural gemstone.Please handle all pieces gently and and with great care. The gemstones are natural which means that each one is unique and may have inclusions that enhance the unique quality of the gem and the piece.

Although our jewelry is made to be passed on from generation to generation, gold plating will not last forever. To help protect your jewels for as long as possible we recommend removing your pieces when bathing, exercising, when using harsh chemicals and when putting on perfume and lotion.

To maintain the vintage appearance and feel, we do not recommend cleaning the jewelry. However, you may use a dry, soft cloth to gently remove dust.


We  honour and  celebrate this aging process of the jewels as it is part of their journey and story. 

How can I be sure of my ring size?

Our rings run true to size. The easiest way to be sure of your ring size if to measure the inside diameter of a ring you already own and use on the finger you are buying the new ring for. If the ring you are purchasing is thicker then the ring you are sizing, then it is better to go a 1/4 or 1/2 size up.

You can find the diameter size conversion chart and ring size guide on the product page.

If the exact size you need is not an option on the product page, you can place the order and add a note in the check out of the sizing you require.

Do not hesitate to contact us via chat or email at, we are happy to figure out the best ring size for you together.

Do you create custom pieces?

All of our gemstone rings are custom made to size. We also create custom pieces for music videos and movies, please get in touch with us at if you are interested in a custom piece.


International Shipping

We are happy to announce we officially ship internationally! Most of our orders are dispatched from our Montreal, Canada studio within 2 - 3 business days. Some of our custom pieces take longer and are written on the product page. Ring orders usually take 4-5 business days as each is custom made to size.

Order tracking

Tracking numbers are automatically sent as soon as your order is packed. Please check your junk folder if you do not receive one 72hrs after placing your order.

Get in touch

If you have any questions about your order, please contact us.



On our larger pieces we use mostly brass. Brass is a very durable metal and will give your pieces longevity as you pass them on from generation to generation. In spiritual and metaphysical traditions Brass is the metal that brings out the natural good and inner truth.

The manufacture of brass across the world is highly dependent on the recycling of scrap brass and copper making brass one of the most recycled metals in the world. Brass can be recycled many times over without diminishing the composition so it means that the recycling process can continue tie and again, thus making the metal highly sustainable.


All of our gemstone rings are made with 925 Silver. In astrologySilver due to the illumination has a close relationship with the Moon. Silver offers positivity and increases love and security. When gemstones are used in silver it is said that the energy of that gemstone reaches the wearer directly.

18kt Gold Plating

Unless the item is left in its 925 silver form, all pieces are 18Kt gold plated. This way the final product takes on the look of a solid gold piece of jewelry. Gold-plated jewelry is a thin layer of gold alloy that's bonded to the base metal of the jewelry. The layer of gold placed on to the surface of will wear off over time. As the pieces will join you on your adventures, their natural aging process will add to the beauty and story of each piece.

Natural Gemstones, Pearls and Up-cycled elements

All the gemstones and pearls used in the collections are ethically sourced and natural. Natural gemstone jewelry is eternal and have positive properties for the wearer such as connection and purpose, making them a benefit both physically and spiritually.

Our up-cycled element such as the crystals used in the Last Dance collection are found from antique shops in various cities and is our way of bringing new life to discarded materials of the past. Shining light on the forgotten past is a core inspiration of our collections.

The Heroines That Inspired the Collections

Hypatia Of Alexandria

The Cosmos & Chaos collection is inspired by Hypatia of Alexandria who lived in 5th Century Alexandria, Province of Egypt, Eastern Roman Empire.

Mata Hari

Last Dance Collection inspired by the life of Mata Hari embraces the darker side of her life as much as her intriguing rise to fame as an exotic dancer.

Golden Armour

The Golden Armour Collection is inspired by the speech of Queen Mother Yaa Asantewaa before the Battle of the Golden Stool that took place in 1900 between the Ashanti Empire and the British Empire.


Hypatia of Alexandria

The Cosmos & Chaos collection is inspired by Hypatia of Alexandria who lived in 5th Century Alexandria, Province of Egypt, Eastern Roman Empire.


Mata Hari

Last Dance Collection inspired by the life of Mata Hari embraces the darker side of her life as much as her intriguing rise to fame as an exotic dancer.

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